Jinananda Childrens Development Centre

Begun in 1986 The Jinananda Childrens Development Centre, is an initiative of Rev. Urumuththe Sugathananda Thero and is home to over 70 boys from across the island. Each of these children have a story of their own, with many of them coming from broken and underprivileged homes. Whilst at the centre, these boys, aged between 3 and 19 are in the care of the homes' Matron and staff. The younger boys attend Montessori, and the rest are educated at Arethusa College, a school nearby. The boys are also involved in many extracurricular activities and in religious activities, which ensures a more wholesome upbringing. The centre sees to all their needs—from their meals, to clothing, from school supplies to tuition classes, from medical needs to leisure time activities. For these children, this centre, is home, and the staff, their family.

Who would think that a faded Buddhist Flag on a dirty wall down Dharmarama Road in Wellawatta marks the home to 75 under privileged children? Seated on mats inside the shrine room of the Sri Sugatha Viharaya, The children listened eagerly as the preiest taught them right from wrong. The destitute boys aged between 3 to 14 years each have a story of their own. While some come from their broken families others have no families at all. One child mother is dead and his father is serving a ten years prison sentence. For these children life would not be worth living if not for poojya panditha Urumutte Sugathananda Thero who has the heart to give them shelter in this temple. Urumutte Sugathananda Thero's hard work is evident when looking at some of the children who have come first in their respective classes.

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